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dr. debra villar


Dr. Debra Villar has over 15 years of experience in Chiropractic and has treated thousands of people with musculoskeletal issues over the years. Her passion is educating people through her EAT, MOVE, THINK philosophy, a message she weaves through her many corporate speaking engagements. Dr. Debra advocates wellness through chiropractic, exercise and healthy living. She is focused on biomechanical correction therefore providing not only pain relief but also long term correction. Dr. Debra also has postgraduate studies in the paediatrics and pregnancy field and is a qualified Webster practitioner.  Learn more about Dr. Villar at


  • Bachelor of Science (Anatomy and Physiology)
  • Master Degree in Chiropractic - Macquarie University
  • Graduate Certificate in Chiropractic Pediatrics


  • Chiropractor's Association of Australia
  • International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
  • Associate Member - Australasian College of Chiropractors

Jeremiah adele


Jeremiah was born in Sydney and grew up around the lovely beaches of the Central Coast. Every weekend you would find him at the beach surfing or on the sporting field. 

He started a degree in exercise physiology but during an anatomy class covering the lower limb, he realised he wanted to become a lower limb specialist. After graduating from the University of Newcastle, He was lucky enough to spend some time in the UK working in the National Health Service, which really set his heart on biomechanical problems and sporting injuries. Having previously worked in the biggest sports podiatry clinic in Australia, he has been fortunate enough to work with numerous elite athletes and follow his passions in the sports podiatry world. 

We have a dynamic podiatry practice at Complete City Health. We provide a range of treatment options including personalised computer-designed orthotics, foot joint mobilization, gait analysis, biomechanical lower limb realignment, sports shoe prescriptions and general foot treatments such as corns, calluses, etc.


Dr. mitch danilovic


With a Masters in Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Physiology, a Certificate 3 in Fitness, and a Level 1 Sports Trainer Certificate, Mitch is a chiropractor with a passion for sport, health and wellness. His approach to Chiropractic is a holistic one, focusing on postural and bio-mechanical correction, lifestyle advice and helping inspire people to develop healthy habits toward optimal health and wellbeing.

During a consultation with Dr Mitch Danilovic a thorough case history is taken and a full assessment is performed to understand the cause of problems in order to develop tailored management plans for long-term results. 


  • Bachelor of Science (Anatomy and Physiology)
  • Master Degree in Chiropractic - Macquarie University

Tulsi Ryan

NUTRITIONIST and Herbalist

As a  Nutritionist and Herbalist, Tulsi understands the important role nutrients have on vitality at a cellular level. 
Working with you on an individual basis, Tulsi will address illness and dis-ease by identifying the underlying pathophysiology, by thoroughly understanding the complex biochemistry of the body and how nutrients synergistically work to create health.  
Assessments based on signs and symptoms, pathology testing and consideration of your individual lifestyle, environment and personal health status are interpreted to identify individual nutritional requirements, deficiencies and factors which can arise from poor lifestyle choices and illness. 
Tulsi will make specific recommendation to help your body perform at its best, and provide education and support to guide you through your journey to reach your personal health goals. By understanding your body’s individual demands and how to sustain them for optimal health and performance, Tulsi will help you achieve lasting results and true health. 
This includes
-    Adrenal fatigue and poor energy
-    Immune function
-    Hormone imbalance
-    Digestive complaints and GIT issues
-    Sports performance
-    Anxiety and stress
-    Allergies and skin condition
-    Sleep issues
-    Nutritional deficiencies
-    Various life stage nutrition requirements




Budi earned his Diploma in Remedial Massage from one of Sydney’s leading natural therapy colleges, Nature Care College. He has over two years clinical experience treating clients with diverse muscular-skeletal disorders, as well as performing regular massage treatments for overall health maintenance.

His massage therapies focus on and treat problem areas, but also ensure the whole body is cared for. During treatment he is attentive to his clients’ feedback and makes sure effective techniques are used accordingly. His massage style has components of deep tissue, remedial, sports massage, myofascial, trigger point therapy and Swedish/relaxation.

Budi believes that through regular massage the body can experience physical healing plus emotional and mental soundness.

Budi has provided massage services at a number of public events including the City to Surf and the Wanderlust Festival.

Josie sielaff

practice manager

Bianca Sheedy

Health Support assistant