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Here at Complete City Health we are doing “Sugar-Free” September to help rejuvenate our bodies ready for Spring & Summer. Here’s 8 easy starter tips:

1.       Remove all sugar from your diet – not just the overt sugars but any packaged foods and sauces that contain added sugars. Watch-out for dried fruit in cereals and nut mixes – dried fruit is extremely high in sugars.

2.       Know that once you remove sugars your cravings will start to reduce – sugars are additive, once you remove them from your diet, your cravings will start to dissipate.

3.       Make sure you have protein at every meal – adequate protein in our diet helps with blood glucose regulation which stops us reaching for sugary snacks to boost our energy.

4.       Drink more water – often when we think we need a sugary snack, we are just thirsty. Drink at least 1.5- 2 litres of water a day. Add fresh lemon, lime or mint to change up the flavour.

5.       Drink Cinnamon herbal tea – cinnamon is a natural blood glucose regulator. If you are craving something sweet, a simple cinnamon herbal tea can replace this craving.

6.       Raw cacao powder – this is chocolate in its natural state before it’s processed (and isn’t bitter!). High in antioxidants and magnesium, it is a natural blood glucose regulator. Add to protein balls, smoothies or chia puddings for a “healthy” treat.

7.       Be prepared – make your own protein balls, chia puddings or healthy smoothies to have as snacks. Or activate your own nuts or prepare vegetable sticks to have with hummus.

8.       Do something different– if you do get a sugar craving… go for a walk around the block, go sit in a nearby park for 10 minutes and get your daily dose of vitamin D, download a guided Meditation App such as Headspace and do a 10-minute meditation, call a friend. You’ll notice once you’ve distracted yourself, the sugar craving will most likely pass.

If you are doing all the above and you still notice you are having sugar cravings, you may have some underlying nutritional deficiencies or your blood glucose levels or insulin may be out of range.

If you require individual assessment, including investigative pathology testing, I’m available Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30am – 6pm for Clinical Nutrition appointments.