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Repeated use of our digital devices can cause pain and degenerative changes to the neck and
upper back. When forces are applied when the neck is in flexion (when you look down at
your phone) discs, ligaments, nerves and muscles are under undue pressure and can cause
subluxation (misalignment of a joint) which in time will create decay (osteoarthritis) in the
I advise all my clients to make sure they limit use of their smart phone and never use it on
transport which can cause further damage due to the stop/start nature of transport, and
have whiplash-like effects.
Tips for better use:
1. Limit your use of the smart phone or tablet
2. Hold it at eye level
3. Don’t type long emails, if you can use voice recorder instead
4. Get rid of games that keep you on your phone for hours without realizing it.
5. Get checked by a chiropractor, if already misaligned more damage can occur even
with minimal use of the phone.

These stretches can be done daily to help relieve the overused neck muscles.


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