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Being in the heart of the Sydney CBD means that we see a lot of office workers. Now one of the most common concerns for patients is their Posture. Is your head always forward, shoulders slouched, feel the constant need to stretch out your mid back and neck? You may have “Upper Cross Syndrome”. Let’s have a look at the image below.


Upper Cross Syndrome essentially describes muscle imbalances of the upper back and neck. The ‘tight’ muscles are predominantly the Upper Traps and Levator scapula. These muscles help elevate the shoulder and the shoulder blade. Tight Pectorals (chest muscles) roll the shoulder forward, further accentuating poor neck biomechanics. The inhibited (weak) muscles are the Deep Neck flexors which bring your chin towards your chest and the Rhomboids and Serratus Anterior, which stabilises your shoulder blade and prevents them from rolling forward. Just to be clear, this posture can be caused by other issues in the spine, not just these factors. However, if you do find yourself slouching at work, addressing these issues just may be the solution you have been looking for!