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Every clinician will tell you one of the hardest conditions to deal with is headaches. Why is that the case? The cause of a headache can range from just tight muscles around the neck to inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. This is why headaches have to be taken very seriously especially when diagnosing as this can determine the treatment and hence the outcome.

Headaches can be broadly split into the following categories:

  1. Migraines

  2. Tension type (most common at 38% of U.S adults)

  3. Cluster (<0.1% of U.S adults)

  4. Cervicogenic (18% of U.S adults)

One of the most surprising things about headaches is that A LOT of people think it’s normal. Remember, getting a headache once a fortnight or once a month is NOT a common/normal thing. This is quite frequent and if it is affecting the way you live, it must be taken care of. Whatever type of headache you have will slightly alter the way we treat your symptoms. At Complete City Health, our Chiropractors look to identify the CAUSE of the headache, not just treat the symptoms. Isn’t about time you lived headache-free?