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Another common issue that I see in clinic is knee pain. After seeing many patients suffering from knee pain, there is a trait that I see repeatedly. 

When assessing patients, it is important to look at individual joints and how they move, but I believe in looking at a person as a whole, how is the body moving as a unit. 

When looking at the knee, most commonly, I find that knee issues arise due to lack of mobility in the hips or ankles, and the knee (being in between those two major joint complexes), is the joint that suffers the most. Now, if you told me that on the weekend you twisted your knee and it is painful, I would be suspecting meniscus or ligament damage. However, if you had told me that your knee has been painful for over 4 weeks, no new activity, no history of trauma or accidents, I would look towards the pelvis and ankles to see where in the chain lies the dysfunction. 

Everyone is unique and different, so your knee pain might be from something else. If you have been experiencing knee pain, our team at Complete City Health are experts in analysing the cause of your pain, not just symptoms.