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One very common question that patients ask me is, what kind of warm up/stretches should I be doing before my workouts. This aspect of training is one that is commonly forgotten or neglected but it plays a pivotal part in prevention of injuries.

Everything depends on context. What sport/activity are you doing? I believe that your warm up routine should mimic the specific movements that your activity requires. For example, if you’re a Football player, football specific drills with the ball, dribbling, cutting angles should be part of your warm up. Doing a lot of squats, lunges might not be the most efficient way to warm up cause let’s face it, how often do you utilise that movement pattern in football?

In terms of stretching, I would recommend that post workout/sport, you should perform some static stretching (holding positions, not moving). Again, i believe that the muscles you stretch should be sport specific. Again, using football as an example, which muscles were used most? Most likely, the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. So let’s stretch these out.

If you’re currently struggling with your flexibility or mobility, there may be an underlying issue. It was always better to prevent pain, then to treat pain. Make sure you go and see a healthcare professional before things get worse!