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Footwear, how do I find the right shoe for me?


Footwear, how do I find the right shoe for me?

With thousands of different brands and even more different models, how does one find the
correct shoe for them? When looking for footwear there are a couple of useful tips you can
adopt to help find that perfect shoe. With dress shoes, it’s a little easier than sport shoes as
we are not putting the same force through the shoe as we would when exercising. However,
our feet are important and we need to keep them in good shape for the rest of our lives.
1. Remove the inner lining of the shoe and place it on the floor. Now stand on it and
you should still be able to see the border of the shoe lining underneath your foot. If
your foot is hanging over the edge of the lining that will lead to an area of irritation
that could cause callus, corns and much more.
2. A firm sole that bends at the ball of the foot is ideal! Chuck out those flimsy ballet
3. A firm heel counter that bends no more than 45 degrees will help keep your heel
nice and stable.
4. Laces, straps or buckles will help keep that foot secure in the shoe and will help
avoid your toe muscles over working to try and avoid your foot slipping out of the

My favourite Female dress shoe brands:
Bared -   

Ziera Shoes - 

Ecco -

My favourite Male dress shoe brands:
RM Williams -

Bared -

Hushpuppies -

With sport shoes, it is a completely different story. Sports shoes come in 4 major support
categories: Neutral, Cushioning, Mild Stability, Moderate Stability.
To know which support category you are, you will need to have an assessment by a
Podiatrist. I can’t emphasise enough how much of a difference the right shoe can make.
If you have never found that perfect set of shoes, or you are currently suffering from foot
pain, please book in for a footwear assessment with a Podiatrist to find the right shoe for you.