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dr. debra villar


Dr. Debra Villar has over 18 years of experience in Chiropractic and has treated thousands of people with musculoskeletal issues over the years. Her passion is educating people through her EAT, MOVE, THINK philosophy, a message she weaves through her many corporate speaking engagements. Dr. Debra advocates wellness through chiropractic, exercise and healthy living. She is focused on biomechanical correction therefore providing not only pain relief but also long term correction. Dr. Debra also has postgraduate studies in the paediatrics and pregnancy field and is a qualified Webster practitioner.  Learn more about Dr. Villar at


  • Bachelor of Science (Anatomy and Physiology)

  • Master Degree in Chiropractic - Macquarie University

  • Graduate Certificate in Chiropractic Pediatrics


  • Chiropractor's Association of Australia

  • International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

  • Associate Member - Australasian College of Chiropractors


Dr. Jiehoon Na


Practicing as a full time Chiropractor in the heart of busy Sydney CBD has allowed Dr Jie to gain extensive insight on working environments and habits. His monthly Corporate talks and seminars further has made him understand what the majority of people need when living busy lifestyles. Dr Jie believes in little changes over a period of time for long term prevention. He not only treats patients for their pain, but also incorporates ideas and concepts to his patients on how to look after your spine long term. Dr Jie implements Postural awareness concepts, Structural Bio-mechanical correction of the spine and long term prevention solutions. To see more about Dr Jie, check out the link:


  • Bachelor of Chiropractic Science

  • Master Degree in Chiropractic - Macquarie University

  • Chiropractic Tutor at Macquarie University 2017

Billy Gascoyne


Billy graduated from Western Sydney in 2013. His podiatry experience has been vast and he is comfortable treating all sorts of foot, knee and hip complaints. 

Billy treats using a wide range of techniques and philosophies where he has a hands on approach to therapy. The foot is the interface between you and the ground so It makes sense to start there with many complaints we see.  Billy focuses mainly on releasing tissues and joints around the foot and to provide recommendations for rehabilitation exercises and footwear or orthotic therapy. 

Orthotics are really effective in treating knee arthritis, heel pain, big toe pain and arch pain to name a few. 

Billy is constantly reading and attending courses to ensure his patients get an up to date, and best treatments. 

We have a dynamic podiatry practice at Complete City Health. We provide a range of treatment options including personalised computer-designed orthotics, foot joint mobilization, gait analysis, biomechanical lower limb realignment, sports shoe prescriptions and general foot treatments such as corns, calluses, etc.

podiatry sydney city




James was born in Sydney and grew up on the Central Coast. After completing a Certificate in Personal Training he went on to study a Bachelors Degree in Podiatry at the University of Newcastle.

James’ interest in Podiatry began after receiving treatment after sustaining a sporting injury in High School. Since becoming a Podiatrist he has worked across clinics in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

He has experience in general Podiatric care, treating high risk patients and the diagnosis and management of sports injuries to the lower limb.

James’ focus on treating patients involves a holistic approach with an emphasis on tailoring treatment and management to each individual, factoring in the existing complaint as well as the patient’s lifestyle. His main goal is to provide treatment that will improve outcomes thereby ensuring optimal foot health.




Budi earned his Diploma in Remedial Massage from one of Sydney’s leading natural therapy colleges, Nature Care College. He has over two years clinical experience treating clients with diverse muscular-skeletal disorders, as well as performing regular massage treatments for overall health maintenance.

His massage therapies focus on and treat problem areas, but also ensure the whole body is cared for. During treatment he is attentive to his clients’ feedback and makes sure effective techniques are used accordingly. His massage style has components of deep tissue, remedial, sports massage, myofascial, trigger point therapy and Swedish/relaxation.

Budi believes that through regular massage the body can experience physical healing plus emotional and mental soundness.

Budi has provided massage services at a number of public events including the City to Surf and the Wanderlust Festival.

Josie sielaff

practice manager

Bianca Sheedy

Health Support assistant