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our experienced clinical nutritionist will help you achieve your weight loss goals

Weight Loss

Have you tried all the typical weight-loss methods but nothing seems to work for you? Safe and sustainable weight loss management is a much more individual process than people realise. It requires specific individual planning, continuous support and, most importantly, testing to ensure that your program is working for you.

Book in for a full Nutritional assessment and find out what's holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals. Nutritionist Kristen Soper will utilise pathology testing to unearth the underlying causes to your weight-gain before she provides you an individual-tailored nutritional plan to suit your weight loss goals and health requirements.  



We believe in eating your way to good health and your detox program should reflect that. A detox is a great way to achieve quick and long lasting health benefits such as weight loss, better nutrition, better skin, more energy, improving fertility, mood and motivation and of course improving your digestion. 

Your detox program should not be difficult or feel like a punishment, it should be reviving - a restoration period and we want you to enjoy it. There are so many delicious foods which actively detoxify your body while also tasting great - there is no excuse to drink lemon juice for 3 days and call this a detox it's unnecessary and can be unsafe.

Detox programs at Complete City Health are:

Full of delicious food, 
Very easy to follow,
Specifically coordinated to suit your health needs, 
Designed to make your health goals easily achievable,
Highly effective with results you'll see and feel quickly