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improve performance with sports chiropractic

Sports Chiropractic is a great way to assist sports people to better performance as well as aiding recovery from injuries. 

By assisting the body towards better alignment, joints and muscles function at their optimum. Many successful sports stars use such treatment to not only avoid injuries but achieve better performance. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Leyton Hewitt, from Emit Smith to the entire St. George Leagues club, sports people around the world are achieving more through chiropractic care.

We look to assess your underlying structural orientation first. Often clients will express an injury, overuse or tightness in the musculature but without addressing the structural reasons as to why that site is being injured the condition will never fully resolve or may become a recurrent, chronic injury.

Our Sydney city sports chiropractor always assess the whole body to ascertain all the components that are contributing to your condition. This way you will achieve a more complete resolution to your condition.

Chiropractors are trained and proficient in the use of electro-physical therapies such as Interferential, TENS, infra-red and Ultrasound. At Complete City Health, Dr Debra provides onsite interferential therapy and ultrasound to assist healing as fast as possible.

Chiropractic differs from Physiotherapy as we not only look to provide therapy to assist healing at the site of an injury but to assess and correct the underlying structural misalignments within the body that resulted in the injury. By doing this, we can achieve a more complete resolution of your injury and avoid reoccurrence.