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Tired all the time?

Is fatigue dragging you down? Do you struggle getting out of bed in the morning or struggle through your day?

If you are constantly feeling tired, struggle to get up in the morning, crave salty or sweet foods, find it difficult to concentrate, suffer from headaches or have muscle tension in your neck or back, you could be suffering from adrenal fatigue.

Our Clinical Nutritionist Kristen Soper will order adrenal health testing to understand the causes of your adrenal fatigue such as excess stress hormones, nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances, genetics or hormonal in-balances. Other causes of fatigue can also include:

  • Deficiencies / Dehydration / Toxicity

  • Infection / Virus / Inflammation

  • Poor diet / Diabetes / Excess body fat  

  • Chronic illness / Stress / Depression

  • Digestive disturbances / food allergies

The good news is small tweaks to your diet in combination with nutritional medicine supplements can help bring your body back to balance.